Zum 5jährigen auch wieder Beutel!

Wir haben echt genug von den Beuteln und mittlerweile hat ja jeder Punk, der das Punkfilmfest liebt einen, deshalb gibt es diese Jahr zum 5jährigen TURNBEUTEL. Ab jetzt bei uns zu bestellen und ab April im Kino zu erstehen.

We are finished with this Jutebeutel-crap, because everyone who likes the Punkfilmfest has one anyway, so this year to our 5th anniversary we have some TURNBEUTEL with our logo. Order now from us or from April at the cinema! We send it to everywhere in the world and even to Mars!
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Only 3 days…

.. and you can watch more than 15 movies from and about Punks from all over the world.
Today we put up the last poster and disturbed the last flyers.
We are almost ready to party and we hope you too.
By the way we have ordered some shirts with our logo, if you want one just come to the Punkfilmfest . It cost just 10 € and it is eco friendly + fairtrade.

Our awesome logo on a tshirt!

On sunday we did a little live radio interview at radio fritz. Here you can listen to it!