Open Your Mouth And Say… Mr. Chi Pig

You’re not going to need to know a lot about punk rock to love Mr. Chi Pig and his debut self-titled biographical documentary. You won’t even need to like punk rock to like him and his documentary. A survivor
against odds, his story outlives madness itself.

Born in Edmonton as Kendall Chinn (aka Kenny), Mr. Chi Pig was the front man for one of the biggest names in the first wave of Canadian punk rock: SNFU. Like a lot of those original bands, they never found fame
themselves but they influenced an entire generation of musicians from Jello Biafra and Moe Berg to Corb Lund, Matthew Good and Hot Hot Heat. The band’s visibility faded even if their influence didn’t, Kenny’s
world filled with more drugs and alcohol, and he moved closer and closer to living on the street and suicide.
What surprised everyone, including Mr. Chi Pig himself, was what that drug addiction masked, an even greater threat to his whole well-being: schizophrenia. Reluctant to take drugs to treat it at first, he quickly
realized that he was already heavily self-medicating just to deal with the day-to-day and slowly, his life began to turn around.
Both a comfortable arm-chair journey through the under-belly of Canadian music and a comeback-kid tale, Open Your Mouth And Say… Mr. Chi Pig is surprisingly accessible for what might’ve been a niche-music documentary. So come for the tunes or the drama, you’re going to love it either way.
Source: FB Page