Beijing Punk Movie

Beijing Punk look with wide open eyes and see what we only suspect that we can find in the endless Chinese soil – seeds of musical rebellion. The film Shaun Jefford they can win easily, because stories of human dreams, closed the trap, the walls of which they angrily tossed. However, Punk in Beijing is extremely funny and light film that first you will see Chinese skins with braces and shirts Lonsdale, punks pulled a sworn eyes, leather jackets and shirts of Pogues, and you will understand exactly what kind of cough syrup to drink before you reach for the Chinese spirit. Without claiming anything more than what is punk in Beijing has become a phenomenon in a small metal pin, stuck in the skin of the Chinese communist society. Besides being fast-fast namarda list of prohibited sale, distribution and broadcast productions in China, the film proved to be problematic in Bulgaria. A week after his first showings in independent art spaces in Sofia by distributors disgrace received an official note from the Chinese Embassy, ​​which insists stop screenings. Glad Zdravko Grigorov and Hadjiiski Angel of disgrace did not do anything, which also received the full support of director Shaun Jefford whom disturbed almost midnight with our questions.

Before working over Punk in Beijing, I directed and wrote scripts for several very different productions. Why hold a musical film?
Music anyway occupies a large part of my life, but I was never really a punk or at least I had not before happened to me all along Punk in Beijing. I entered the world of punk in a completely different reason. I became involved with the movie Get Huge, who literally chased by a potential investor in the United States and I ended up backstage with Public Enemy in Las Vegas. Their bassist Brian Hardgruuv told me about the underground scene in China, which sparked my curiosity and I asked the details. As soon as I heard one piece of unfinished Demerit [one of punk bands, characters in the film], I was totally stocked and I knew I had to do something for them. Subsequently, I could see the band live, read lyrics and I was amazed – „They allow themselves to say such things in China?“ Frankly, it changed my perception of the world – the feeling was so strong that I had to try to make a film and to share it with people.

During filming, and have had trouble with the police …
Yes, several times clashed with police, but managed to quell things in time. I used the old number that I learned while I was filming without permission in Los Angeles. Just showing them their faces on the screen of the camera and they immediately want to become part of the movie. Even the most ordinary policemen in China want to be movie stars. The worst has happened once was that cameras confiscated our remix us and escorted us back to the hotel.

The viewer has the impression that many have had fun with groups.
In the beginning did not interest them – they were simply the latest dumb foreigners who come to steal something. They were very suspicious. At one point, however, realized that we really kefim their music and we came just because we want to shed light on their stage – and everything changed. We became quite close together we started to do shit to drink, to fight and vomiting … This is one of the things that make Punk in Beijing attractive for spectators – is an obvious connection between our team and musicians.

How did the movie of the three groups, – MiSanDao, Demerit and Hedgehog?
We’re not quite sure. We know only that past us one of the musicians ended up in prison, which is definitely not good. And I can not talk about it publicly. I will only say that just because of fear of consequences, many sensational material was cut from the final version of the film. I took much criticism – I rebuked me say that I have not taken a clear political stance against the Chinese government. Frankly, if you watch the movie and see those people will understand what I mean.

Punk in Beijing is banned in China. Does this mean that your access to the country is also impossible?
I have no idea whether I have a ban on entry into China, and is unlikely to see. But surely I know that as my name in Chinese search engine, go zero results. The same with the movie title.

You show clearly pleased by the news that the Chinese Embassy wants to stop screening of Punk here in Beijing. Why?
I always like to make a game of bad news. And why would they let me spoil the mood? Worse is that the Chinese government wants to ban Punk in Beijing, but at the same time is just silly. Rebellion is a natural, willingness to listen to punk, too – and censorship can not stop it. The Chinese government will only lose the desire to crush dissent. If you try to trample something natural in man, it will find another way to be expressed. We need a little time, but we will win. (Source: Rolling Stone Magazine, Dec 2010 RS014)