MTL PUNK : The First Wave

The critically acclaimed documentary has had a sold out run at festivals like FIFA, NXNE and RVCQ and was aired on CBC Documentary Channel throughout Canada and on Canal D in Quebec. The film was also released in theatres in Montreal (Cinéma Excentris) and Quebec (Cinéma Cartier).

When the punk movement reached Montreal in 1977, it ignited the passions of a handful of young people who were forever changed by it. Thirty years later, some of the players from this momentous time give a surprisingly frank account of their experiences at this key period in their lives—the music and the drugs, as well as a burning need to do things differently. The film includes rare archival footage of the Montreal punk scene and features the music of the earliest local punk bands : The 222s, The Normals, The Chromosomes and The Electric Vomit.

“MTL PUNK – The First Wave” gives a voice to those who lived the birth of the punk movement in Montreal in the ‘70s : Pierre Major, Chris Barry, Allan Fine, Tracy Howe, Alan Lord, Rick Trembles, Edouardo Cabral, Marc De Mouy, Pyer Desrochers, Joe DiMauro, Robert Ditchburn, Fortner Anderson. The film also features the last interviews given by Gery Lecker (The Chromosomes), who passed away in June 2010 and designer Georges Lévesque (Scandale) who passed away in August 2011. The film had its English World Premiere at NXNE 2011 in Toronto and its French World Premiere at FIFA 2011 in Montreal.

A film by Érik Cimon and Alain Cliche, produced by Denis McCready, Érik Cimon and Yanick Létourneau for Peripheria Productions. © Périphéria Productions, 2012

“MTL PUNK – The First Wave” was produced with the financial participation of Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ), the Canada Art Council (CAC), SODEC, Québec’s Tax Credit, Canada’s Tax Credit ; is produced in cooperation with Canal D (a member of the Astral family) and Documentary Channel (CBC); the film received technical assistance from Office nationale du film du Canada – Aide au cinéma indépendant (Canada) ONF – ACIC, Spirafilm and PRIM. PERIPHERIA is a TV and film production company founded in Montreal in 2000 –

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