Noise & Resistance

There are other ways. Commerce, capital, and consumption are by no means irrevocable necessities in today’s world. In their angry and rousing documentary „Noise and Resistance„, Francesca Araiza Andrade and Julia Ostertag show that those who think so are not alone in this opinion. What some would describe as mere din and nuisance, they prove to be a vital articulation of resistance :
Here punk is neither a passing fad nor a dusted relic from the past but the lively expression of an attitiude towards life.

The directors enter the centres of a vivid and vibrant, a rebellious and self-conscious scene. Be it squatters in Barcelona, anti-fascists in Moscow, Dutch trade unionists, the activists of England’s Crass collective, queer trailer park inhabitants in Berlin, or Swedish girl punk bands, their music always expresses a collective self-assertion, a No! set to music whose slogan : Do it yourself! has become a strident 21st century „International“.

„Noise and Resistance“ is an inspiring journey through Europe’s contemporary utopia, to subcultural places of desire where unity derives from autonomy along with the best punk sound you’ve heard for years. (Source:

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„Eine überzeugende Arbeit, die zeigt, dass es lohnt, sein eigenes Ding zu machen.“
(Friedrich Stadtmagazin Potsdam)

„Ein funkensprühender Film. Die Musik dazu kratzt die Tapete von den Wänden!“
(Plärrer Nürnberg)

Die beiden Filmemacherinnen zeichnen ein tatsächlich mitreißendes Bild von Punk und radikallinker Bewegung. (Das Magazin)