Punk in Africa

Der Film verfolgt die bis heute unerzählte Geschichte von den Anfängen der Underground-Rockmusik im Johannesburg der 70er-Jahre, den ersten Multi-Kulti-Punkbands, die sich im Kielwasser des Aufstands von Soweto bildeten, den militanten Anti-Apartheid-, Hardcore- und Post-Punkbands der 80er-Jahre bis hin zum Aufkommen der afrikanisch inspirierten Ska-Bands, die von Kapstadt bis Maputo die demokratische Ära der 90er-Jahre feierten.

The striking story of a hidden, underground, even secret and banned movement. Bands with both black and white musicians broke the law. In the apartheid era, punk rock was comparable to worshipping the devil. Rediscover the real punk. Anarchy in SA.

While young people in the West started to free themselves from traditional authoritarian power relations in the early 1960s and to make the acquaintance of rock ‘n’ roll and later long hair and punk, in South Africa the institutionalised racism of Apartheid still existed. With the advent of punk music in the mid-1970s, for the first time there was a home-grown youth culture and an opportunity to resist oppressive regimes.
Punk in Africa tells the story of punk in South Africa and how it spread to Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Kenya and played a role there in the political struggle. We get to see the most important bands and the legendary venues where they played, but also the evolution of punk music and the influence it had on modern South African bands. In the wings of the many tumultuous concerts, the documentary tells an alternative history of South Africa in the last 40 years, a story unknown to many. (Source. http://www.filmfestivalrotterdam.com/en/films/punk-in-africa/)