Punk Rock According To Złodzieje Rowerów

It is a documentary about a hc/punk band ZŁODZIEJE ROWERÓW who has played a prominent role in the Polish DIY scene since the mid 90s.

The band was active on a Polish DIY music scene from 1993 to 2010. Their name ZŁODZIEJE ROWERÓW refers to The Bicycle Thieves Italian film by Vittorio De Sica.

Their albums were released by DIY labels: Refuse Records and Emancypunx Records.

Their music was inspired by American hc/punk bands like VERBAL ASSAULT but their lyrics often referred to social issues which were characteristic in Poland during the political and economic transformation period of the 90s: privatization of the state owned industries which led to unemployment and a kind of disillusion with the Solidarity as a political option; growing nationalism, racism and anti-Semitism encouraged by the radical right and at the same time the unexpected return of people who supported the former regime (cynically trying to position themselves as the new left wing); involvement of the Catholic Church in the politics (the Church used to support democracy movements in the times of communism, but after that became a player with antidemocratic tendencies – influencing political decisions, introducing religion lessons to schools, supporting right wing parties etc.) and general confusion of young generation trying to find their own way in life.

‘Punk Rock According to Złodzieje Rowerów’ film contains invaluable material recorded by fans of the band throughout its history and material recorded by the film author at the band’s last concert. There are many documentaries about bands and it’s hard to make something that would stand out. Author’s idea for this film was to look for the feeling rather than novelty. And sometimes the feeling comes with poor sound and VHS picture quality. Unfortunately people didn’t have sophisticated digital video devices in the 90s.

The film had its premiere on 8 November 2012 in Białystok with 120 viewers on a rainy evening in the middle of the week. Since then it has been screened in different cities around Poland. There were also two screenings abroad: one in Mannheim (Germany) and one in London (UK). There are more to come. All screenings have been organized by enthusiastic people related in one way or another with the DIY scene.
(Source: http://studioulica.blogspot.co.uk/p/info-in-english.html )