Punk Rock Holocaust I

Punk Rock Holocaust 2011 from Backseat Conceptions on Vimeo.

The setting is the Vans 2003 Warped Tour. Bands and crew members are being murdered and it seems the tour is being sabotaged. Rumors are abound of a industrial, nu-wave, synth-pop sorrowcore band called Brutal Enigma that was banished from the Warped Tour years ago, have they returned for revenge on Kevin Lyman and the Warped Tour, or is it something far more sinister? The film follows Warped Tour Reporter Heather Vantress as she struggles to figure out who is behind this ‘Punk Rock Holocaust’. Meanwhile, Tour founder Kevin Lyman and his production team work to keep the tour on the road and the evil record executive Belial (Lloyd Kaufman) at bay.
With over 23 featured musical acts (113 Band Members) and countless fans and crew slaughtered, the film boasts one of the highest body counts in film history. The film backdrop includes the Warped Tour’s stages and production areas, as well as the various venues and landmarks that the crew encounters along the 48 date tour.
The film features many of the bands on last year’s Warped Tour, including (In alphabetical order) Atmosphere, Andrew WK, Big D and the Kids Table, Bowling For Soup,
Destruction Made Simple, Dropkick Murphies, Face To Face, Glassjaw, The Kids Of Widney High, Less Than Jake, Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies, MEST, Never Heard Of It, Pennywise, The Phenomenauts, Rancid, Simple Plan, Suicide Machines, Treephort, Tsunami Bomb, The Used and much more!