Exactly one year after a murderous masked maniac turned the Vans Warped Tour into a brutal bloodbath, the rampage continues as the psychotic madman returns from the dead to continue his vicious killing spree. The Executioner is back, and though he may have lost his head he’s willing to make do with a spare for the time being. Now, each time the Executioner claims another victim, he tears their heads from their necks and jams the decapitated craniums onto his own jagged spinal chord in order to continue the search for his own missing top. But while the heads may still sport the same personalities of the gruesomely departed, the body won’t stop killing until its mission is complete. Backstage, Production Staff Manager Kevin Lyman still refuses to acknowledge the carnage that took place the previous year, and malevolent record executive Belial (Lloyd Kaufman) schemes to work the entire situation to his nefarious advantage. As the killings continue and the Executioner struggles to maintain a good head on his shoulders, independent reporter and original Punk Rock Holocaust survivor Meghan vows to find out exactly what Lyman is hiding while simultaneously uncovering the truth about the dreaded supernatural killer. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi