Punk Strut – The Movie

Featuring a plethora of British stalwart musicians, actors, entertainers and celebrities, including: Richard Gibson (Herr Flick in BBC’s ‚Allo ‚Allo) Sylvester McCoy (BBC’s former Doctor Who) Jim Carter (BBC’s Cranford) Phil Cool (BBC’s Cool it) David Bedella (Olivier Award Winner ‚Jerry Springer the Opera‘) Georgina Baillie, John Otway, Wild Willy Barrett, Charlie Harper and the UK Subs, The Mekons, Sal Elvis Bashir, and a horde of crazy Bikers, PUNK STRUT – THE MOVIE is a true tribute to British Independent Film making, as well as to the spirit and age of Punk. Kevin Short reassembles his original band Kevin Short and His Privates and films a 30th Year reunion, in the process exploring the relevance of the punk ethos today.

Mixing documentary with fiction, real with the surreal, music with the musical, the film rattles through a series of interviews, gigs, locations, finally ending in the South coastal sea-side resort of Bognor Regis, where the 30th year reunion celebration is to happen. Full of eccentric colourful characters, and a pumping original soundtrack, the film tells the story of a punk who has still not found his true place in life, but nevertheless still tries to continue his ‚ Be who you want to be‘ life-style in the hope of finally finding his place in this ever-changing world. Is punk still relevant? What’s it like being a punk in your 60’s? What does punk mean to the youth of today? Are the youth of today missing a fashion and music movement? Some of the questions asked, between the narrative and the fun.

A Documentary Musical Comedy – Documusicom – is the genre, and the journey is a feel-good experience that will have you Punk Strutting out of the cinema – yes, the Punk Strut is a dance too. A dance inspired by the Rocky Horror ‚Time Warp‘ to bring unity and organisation to the punk generation. Trouble was, the punks didn’t want organising. Maybe that’s why Punk Strut (the EMI single of the 70’s), which the film is based on, was only a near-hit. Over 30 years later though, it still out prices some of the Sex Pistols singles on Ebay sites around the globe, and people are still talking about it, so perhaps now is the perfect time for its revival.

The dance, the music, and the movie, send out one overriding message – Punk Strut your way through the status quo and find new ways to be yourself, a call to the younger generation to find their way too, because if old punks can still create a bit of constructive and progressive anarchy, so can they. In short, get punk strutting, and make something happen. Young, middle-aged, old, the true spirit of punk can live on – as it does in PUNK STRUT – THE MOVIE!
(Source: http://www.punkstrutthemovie.com/read-all-about-it/)