RMHC 1989/99 Hardcore a Roma

From the mid 80s until the end of the 90s, Rome was the scene of a local phenomenon linked to the music and lifestyle of American Punk/Hardcore.

This is the story of those who were the first to import some musical and attitudinal features from the U.S.A. until they shaped a new tradition out of it in Rome. Shot in 5 years, following the Do It Yourself convictions, the film is a a socio-anthropological journey into the daily nowadays life of those who, back then, were struggling to set such spontaneous movement into the roman society and the already existing underground movement. An analysis on about 15 years of self-made life before the internet, featuring fanzines, early italian skateboarding, records, counter-culture, animalism, music, fashion, with a narrative structured through the juxtaposition of interviews and original footage.

How notions of a foreign phenomenon can be imported before the internet, develop its own features based on the the local possibilities and become something else from the origin? How a tradition can be re-invented by moving the scenario of its happenings?

We show this movie with german subtitles!