Only 3 days…

.. and you can watch more than 15 movies from and about Punks from all over the world.
Today we put up the last poster and disturbed the last flyers.
We are almost ready to party and we hope you too.
By the way we have ordered some shirts with our logo, if you want one just come to the Punkfilmfest . It cost just 10 € and it is eco friendly + fairtrade.

Our awesome logo on a tshirt!

On sunday we did a little live radio interview at radio fritz. Here you can listen to it!

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*=director will attend screning

Wednesday, 09.05.2012
19:00 Bloodied but Unbowed
21:00 Too Drunk to Watch-Punkfilmfest Opening: Filmriss* (with director and an actor)

Thursday, 10.05.2012
15:00 Korean Punkrock Community + Attack of the living Punkers
16:45 Beijing Punk Movie
18:45 Noise & Resistance* (with director Fracesca Araiza Andrade)
21:00 Punk in Africa*
23:00 Ostpunk – Too Much Future* (with director)

Friday, 11.05.2012
14:15 Punk’s not Dead
16:15 Joe Strummer – The Future is Unwritten
19:00 Hard Core Logo I
21:00 Punk Strut
23:00 Punk Rock Holocaust I

Saturday, 12.05.2012
14:15 You weren’t there – Chicago Punk History
16:45 Afropunk + Staying with Vegas
18:30 Hard Core Logo II
20:30 Bloodied but Unbowed
22:15 Punk Rock Holocaust II