Mal ein bißchen Livemusik

19.01.24 Schokoladen, NO°RD + WAUMIAU (Punkrock aus Düsseldorf und Münster/Dortmund)

24.01.24 Schokoladen, Velvet Two Stripes (Postpunk / Schweiz) + The Love Rockets (Rock‘n‘ Roll/ Berlin)

01.03.24 Schokoladen, Roughneck Riot (Folk-Punk/UK) + Zatopeks

02.03.24 Schokoladen, FRAUPAUL (Punkrock/ Wave aus Hamburg) + warumwarumwarum

29.04.24 Schokoladen, Trigger Kid and the Ending Man + support

13.05.24 Schokoladen, Skassapunka (Skapunk /Italien) + support

17.05.24 Schokoladen, Graupause + support

27.05.24 Schokoladen, Faintest Idea (Skapunk/UK) + Borgzinner (Skacore)

08.06.24 Schokoladen, ACK + support

13.06.24 Schokoladen, OIRO + support

28.06.24 Badehaus, 100Blumen + support Tickets

06.07.24 Schokoladen, EATEN BY SNAKES + SHELLYCOAT

09.07.24 Schokoladen, Wonk Unit (Punk/ UK) + support

12.07.24 Schokoladen, GumBleed (Punk/ China) + support

15.11.24 Badehaus, Fahnenflucht + support Tickets


20.02.23 Schokoladen, Akedia (doom metal Graz) + Zerum (HC-Punk Berlin)
22.02.23 Schokoladen, P.O. Box (Skacore Frankreich) + Skamarley (Skapunk Berlin)
03.03.23 Schokoladen, Timur und sein Trupp + Die Roten Nelken (DDR Punk aus Weimar)
31.03.23 Schokoladen, Absolute Beginner (UK) + Pommes oder Pizza (Punkrock Berlin)
03.04.23 Schokoladen, Ravagers + support
22.04.23 Schokoladen, Erection (Punkrock) + support
06.06.23 Schokoladen, Die Brennenden Wälder (Punkrock) + support
23.05.23 Schokoladen, Faintest Idea (UK) + support
29.05.23 Schokoladen, di: unru: (Dark Wave Punk Finland) + support
26.06.23 Schokoladen, Lost Love (Montreal) + Wasted Years (Köln)
28.06.23 Schokoladen, Total Chaos (CA) + support
11.09.23 Schokoladen, MORA (HC-Punk Finland) + Pornscars (Garagepunk Berlin)
16.09.23 Schokoladen, NOSEBLEED (Garage Leeds) + support
28.09.23 Schokoladen, Borgzinner (Skacore) + support

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Corona vs Punk

Leider müssen wir das 9.Punkfilmfest verschieben, neues Datum folgt hoffentlich bald.

Das 5. TOO DRUNK TO POGO wird erstmal ganz abgesagt und hoffentlich bald nachgeholt!

26.9. Schokoladen – Shoreline, Crosshill Rebels + Shoplifters (Punkrock from Münster, Berlin and Serbia)

door 7pm, show 7:30 (SHARP) – 10 pm, DJ from 10 pm till late

After touring Europe and the UK numerous times, with support tours for Hot Water Music, Great Collapse and Adam Angst, SHORELINE are back to present their debut Album „Eat My Soul“. The record talks about intimate, personal matters, describing the feeling of experiencing important moments from a distant perspective – out of the van of a touring band. SHORELINE address the heavyness of dealing with the passing of a family member and personal conflicts with partners and friends, whilst being on the road and the questions born from those situations. „Eat My Soul“ combines punkrock roots of the band with fresh influences from Emo and Indie, creating a sound somewhere between The Menzingers and Title Fight.
Crosshill Rebels