Punk vs Corona

So wie es aussieht geht es wieder in 2022 weiter. Man dieses Jahtzehnt hat ja sowas von beschissen angefangen, kann nur besser werden.

Corona vs Punk

Leider müssen wir das 9.Punkfilmfest verschieben, neues Datum folgt hoffentlich bald.

Das 5. TOO DRUNK TO POGO wird erstmal ganz abgesagt und hoffentlich bald nachgeholt!

26.9. Schokoladen – Shoreline, Crosshill Rebels + Shoplifters (Punkrock from Münster, Berlin and Serbia)

door 7pm, show 7:30 (SHARP) – 10 pm, DJ from 10 pm till late

After touring Europe and the UK numerous times, with support tours for Hot Water Music, Great Collapse and Adam Angst, SHORELINE are back to present their debut Album „Eat My Soul“. The record talks about intimate, personal matters, describing the feeling of experiencing important moments from a distant perspective – out of the van of a touring band. SHORELINE address the heavyness of dealing with the passing of a family member and personal conflicts with partners and friends, whilst being on the road and the questions born from those situations. „Eat My Soul“ combines punkrock roots of the band with fresh influences from Emo and Indie, creating a sound somewhere between The Menzingers and Title Fight.
Crosshill Rebels

2.9. Schokoladen – Thirst Planet • Aptera • BooN GooN (Doomed Metal | Heavy Stoner | Psychedelic)

Thirst Planet • Aptera • BooN GooN (Doomed Metal | Heavy Stoner | Psychedelic)

Thirst Planet let you arrive, finally. Arrive safely on a thirsty planet with stone filled fields as far as the tired eye can see. Lift your muddy feet across the nothingness while pumping riffs vault you into the unknown. Thirst Planet come from the holy land but you’d prefer an astronaut.

THE ESSENCE (2018): https://thirstplanet.bandcamp.com/

BooN GooN are smashing through the boundaries when they create a hypnotizing power blending stoner, funk and spoken word. The weak are ripped and torn away and, finally, lunacy has found us.

Aptera let you see that there is no keeper of the keys but only several walls of possibilities. Let’s go pick some black roses while the waves keep on coming in like dark stallions. Doubtlessly, Aptera is the sleeper of the current stoner scene in Berlin. Come experience them.

RIP Omar Higgins (Negro Terror)

During the whole Punkfilmfest we will collect donations for the medical expenses and funeral costs of Omar Higgins! Because Punk is not just music and we still believe in the community spirit. He was singer and bass player of NEGRO TERROR!
Watch the documentary about the band at the Punkfilmfest 2019!